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Ali Wong & Steven Yeun Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions

Beef stars Ali Wong and Steven Yeun take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Where does Ali Wong get her glasses? When did Steven Yeun start working on The Walking Dead? Why is Ali always pregnant? What was Steven nominated for? Does Ali live in San Francisco? What happened to Steven in NOPE? Ali and Steven answer all these questions and much more! Beef is available to stream exclusively on Netflix. Director: James Herron Director of Photography: AJ Young Editor: Louville Moore Talent: Steven Yeun & Ali Wong Producer: Katherine Wzorek Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi Associate Producer: Paul Gulyas Production Manager: Peter Brunette Talent Booker: Mica Medoff Gaffers/Camera Operators: Oliver Lucaks, Nick Massey Audio: Chris Omae Production Assistants: Fernando Barajas, Jordan Crucchiola, Marquis Wooten Post Production Supervisor: Alexa Deutsch Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen Assistant Editor: Marisa DeMarini

Released on 04/12/2023


Hi, I'm Ali Wong.

Hi, I'm Steven Yeun

and this is the, Wired Autocomplete Interview.

[upbeat music]

Yes, of course

I've Googled myself before. Yes.

[upbeat music]

Ali Wong.

I feel like they're going to be like,

where does Ali Wong get her glasses?

Where does Ali Wong- Want's to know about

my glasses Oh yeah!

Get her glasses. Wow!

[censored] yeah, okay.

Where do I get my glasses?

I love Barton Perreira.

I get a lot of sunglasses

because I have a huge head

and I pop out the

sunglass lenses and then I pop in my prescription.

That's my trick.

How did Ali Wong

[Ali laughing]

get Keanu Reeves?

Easy. Okay. I didn't get him,

I am not with him,

[Steven laughing] so I didn't get him.

I got him for four days in San Francisco on a movie

that he was compensated for.

Where is Ali Wong-


Okay. Performing next?

Oh! Oh my God!

All right. Okay.

Look at that. You Google too.

I am going on tour this summer for the first time

in a long time.

I'm with my new standup hour.

My favorite venue is the Ryman in Nashville.

I think it's the most beautiful venue to perform in.

It's my favorite by far.

Yeah. But I also love the Masonic in San Francisco


it's my hometown.

Why is Ali Wong-

[Ali] People on the internet aren't that nice though.

Always pregnant? Always pregnant?


The reason why I was for my specials, for the first one,

it was because I was so reticent to let that hour go

but then I was about to have a baby,

so that seventh month was like the last month I could fly

and I was procrastinating

and I was like this is the last date I can film

my one hour special before I have a kid.

There's all that, but you're just like,

because she's like a badass working mama.

Oh, yeah, sure,

that too. That's what's happening.


The second time was because

I wanted to be fair to the first kid.


I'm not always pregnant too,

that's like impossible. [Steven laughing]

Where did Steven Yeun

go to high school?

I went to

Troy High School.

Shout out, Troy Colts.

And the high school was designed by a,

like someone who designs prisons.

And then you lived in a prison for years

on, The Walking Dead. Yeah, yeah.

It just follows me.

How Steven Yeun

got his start?

I got to do this show called, The Walking Dead,

where I had no business being there

but I got to be surrounded by incredible,

incredible people that taught me so much

and I love all of them

and I got to experience seven years of like

every lesson you could ever be taught

in the industry, all at once.

Come on, he had every business being there.

Can Steven Yeun-

Hold on.

Sing? Yes he can.

When did Steven Yeun

join, The Walking Dead?

2010 I was on that show.

I had just moved to Los Angeles about five months prior

and again, forever grateful.

Who does Steven Yeun

Play in, Final Space? Play in, Final Space?

I play a little kitty cat named Little Cato

who has daddy issues and funny little mother.


Ali Wong

live in San Francisco? Live-

No, I don't.

I was born and raised there but

all my best friends from UCLA live in LA,

that's really why I can never move.

We joke that we're all going to get a big house

and live together, me and my seven girlfriends.

Oh, sick. Yeah, when we inevitably



'cause we're all healthy Asian women.

Yeah. Is Ali Wong

a runner?

I'm a jogger.

I'll do like

three miles.

Really? Three to four miles.

Yeah. Oh, wow.

Because I just jog to listen

basically to 90's R and B Spotify stations.

It's kind of like how you just sometimes eat a cracker

as a vehicle for the dip,

the run is a vehicle for SWV.

Did Ali Wong

write for, Fresh Off the Boat,?

I did. I wrote for, Fresh Off the Boat, for three years.

That's how I met Nahnatchka Khan,

who directed, Always Be My Maybe.

It was a wonderful experience

and taught me so much about structure

and I loved it.

[Steven] Does Ali Wong

speak Spanish?


[Steven] Where did Ali Wong

go to college? I went to UCLA,

the university of Caucasians lost among Asians.

You know I didn't go to my graduation

because of my last name,

you know, Wong. Just like Wong,

Wong It was just going to be like

[Together] Wong, Wong.

Wong, Wong.

And I've just been sitting there burning in the sun.

Ugh. [Steven laughing]

That's hilarious. So I was like,

I'm not going to go.

That's too long of a show.

[Steven] That's hilarious.

That's how I met all my girlfriends

who are coming to the premiere.

Okay. Who you've met.

You've met a couple of them.

Yeah. I love her girlfriends.

Lovely, amazing, grounded people and

the reason why I live in LA.


eating Steven Yeun? Eating Steven Yeun?

Yeah, we don't need to talk about that.


What does Steven Yeun

look like now?

You Google it!

Like this. He's still beautiful.

He's still fabulous. Next to Ali.

He still has perfect skin,

Quaffed hair. Oh boy.

The envy of all men.

Oh, no. Bumping hairline.

There's a bunch of men behind camera nodding right now.

What was Steven Yeun

nominated for?

An Oscar.

Yeah, for this wonderfully directed by

Lee Isaac Chung story, Minari.


happened- Happened.

To Steven Yeun in, The Walking Dead?

In, Nope? In, Nope?


He got himself eaten

and it was sad.

What happened to

Steven Yeun? [laughing]

In general?

You know what happened?

I had two children.

You know, nothing will make you disappear

quicker than two children.

[light banging]


Ali Wong

quesadilla. Quesadilla.

I don't know.

Moving forward.

[Steven laughing] I don't know.

[Steven] Yeah. Does Ali Wong

Have a podcast? Have a podcast?

No, I don't like to talk for free,

so even doing this now is a little bit-


You know.

Ali Wong-

Harley Quinn.

It ripped off- Oh yeah, I had a

very small part in, Birds of Prey, directed by Cathy Yan.

That's it. Had a great time.

I think I worked there for like a day.

Does Ali Wong

have a sister? Have a sister?

I have two

who are very private

and will have choice words for me

if I say anything more than that.

Why is Ali Wong

famous? Famous?

Is it not obvious?

'Cause she's the.


Is Steven Yeun

vegan? Vegan?

No, I'm not vegan.

What have I done to make you think that?

You look healthy,

your skin is beautiful. Okay thanks.

Okay. But let me tell you,

we go to Korean barbecue together every single month,

he's not vegan.

[Steven] I'm not. Is Steven Yeun

famous in Korea? Famous?

Yeah. He's famous in Korea.

He's also famous in Korea Town.

Do not go there with him.

Mistake. And if you do,

you have to make him wear a mask.

Otherwise it's scary.

Otherwise it turns into a meet and greet

and someone has to take all the pictures,

'cause someone isn't famous in Korea or Korea Town.

Someone is not bitter about it.


Is Steven Yeun

Robert Pattinson? Robert Pattinson?

I like me some Robert Pattinson.

I got to work with him recently

on a film, Mickey 17,

and I cannot talk about it.

Bong Joon-ho directed it, so that's fun.

[Ali] Steven Yeun-

Invincible voice.

When I was first doing that character,

I tried to make him super teenage.

We've now recorded season two and three,

his voice gets a little bit different.

Is that the answer that you're all were looking for?



[upbeat music]

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