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Chris Evans & Ana de Armas Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions

'Ghosted' stars Chris Evans and Ana de Armas take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Is Chris Evans's beard real? Is Ana de Armas a Bond girl? How did Chris meet Scarlett Johansson? Is Ana in Blade Runner? What's Chris's favorite football team? Will Ana be the next Wonder Woman? Chris and Ana answer all these questions and much more! 'Ghosted' premieres on Apple TV+ on April 21st Director: Katherine Wzorek Director of Photography: Jack Belisle Editor: Ron Douglas Talent: Ana de Armas and Chris Evans Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi Associate Producer: Samantha Vélez Production Manager: Eric Martinez Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila Talent Booker: Tara Burke Camera Operator: Rebecca Van Der Meulen Audio: Lily Van Leuwen Production Assistants: Ryan Coppola and Kameryn Hamilton Post Production Supervisor: Alexa Deutsch Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen Assistant Editor: Andy Morell

Released on 04/20/2023


This is Ana de Armas.

And I'm Chris Evans

and this is the Wired Auto Complete Interview.

[upbeat music]

I'm Chris Evans.

[laughs softly]

I'm Chris Evans.

I'm Chris Evans.

Ready? Ready. I can't wait.

Is Chris Evans beard real?

Yes, it is.

Believe it or not,

CGI budget just couldn't afford it, so I grew it myself.

Is Chris Evans--

Playing Gene Kelly? Playing Gene Kelly?

Are you gonna do that?

I hope so.

It's not a Gene biopic,

he specifically didn't want a biopic.

It's almost like Almost Famous.

How Almost Famous isn't about a band,

it's about a boy that loves a band.

So, Gene is more than an ancillary character

but we're still tweaking it.

I would love to, though.

I wanna see that.

Is Chris Evans the killer in Knives Out?

Well, yeah. Well you've seen the movie.

Right? we've all seen it.

It's so funny, for a split second.

I was like-- Am I?

Oh no, that came out years ago.

We can all say.


Yes, he is. Nasty.

That's right.

Well, in Ghosted we actually get to like each other.


You know, in films we've done, we're very adversarial.

So, for this movie we actually get

to kind of enjoy each other's company.

Well, it's kind of like the like-hate-like thing again,

you know? Yeah.

I think like, as in real life

our relationship has evolved.

Here we finally get to have a good time together.


Not trying to kill each other.

[Chris laughs]

Not hating each other.

We kiss.

Yeah, we do.

And the beard is real.

Is Chris Evans--

Dad a dentist?

He is a dentist.

Which, you know--

I made an appointment.

I mean, no longer.

He's retired now, but-- Oh.

He was my dentist growing up.

You know, I had braces for a long time.

Your dad punished you with braces.

Trust me.

The orthodontics saved me. To keep you quiet.

Yeah, truly.

Was Chris Evans--

Was Chris Evans a child actor?

Not a professional child actor.

I mean, I did plays, you know.

That is being an actor.

I guess, I mean. Yeah.

I imagine it more being like someone who's actually

on sets, getting paid.

You don't need to get paid to get an actor.

Trust me.

Then I guess I was a little, you know, kid actor.


[Ana harmonizing]

Here we go.

Is Ana De Armas a Bond girl?

Yeah, I'm a Bond girl.

I didn't have a romantic story with Bond,

which is usually what happens

but I am a Bond girl in No Time to Die.

And it was one of the most wonderful experiences

I've ever had on set.

I love that movie and character. Yeah.

She killed it. Stole the movie.

[Interviewer] Do you have someone who you would want

to be the next Bond?

I'll do it.

Oh, do you?

I thought you were gonna say the next Bond girl.

The joke would've been funnier then.

Then you just said Bond.

That's not funny. Oh man, I don't know.

I think Paul Mescal should be the one.

Paul Mescal is great.

I'm a big Aaron Taylor-Johnson guy.

Does Ana de Armas-- Know martial arts?

I pretend to know martial arts, but no,

I mean I've done some boxing or kickboxing, but not enough.

Those are disciplines that require a lot of time

and years of study and training and all of that.

And I have not done that.

Is Ana De Armas...


Cuban. Cuban.

Am I Cuban? [fingers snapping]

That was a really long thing for the word Cuban.


[speaking in foreign language]

I'm Cuban.

I was born in Havana,

lived there until I was 18 years old

and then I moved to Madrid

and I still have my family there

and my home, and I miss it every day.

I love my country.


Does Ana de Armas have tattoos?




[speaking foreign language]

Now I'm speaking Spanish.

I have two.

One little moon here and one little heart on my ankle.

Is Ana de Armas in John Wick?

Is she?

You haven't seen John Wick?

The last one, no.

Are you in it?

No, I'm not.

I'm not, I'm not, I'm not in John Wick.

I wish because I do love this franchise so much.

That's why I was so excited

and so happy to be called for the follow up in Ballerina.

It's a spin-off of John Wick

and it happens between John Wick 3 and 4.

In 2024, Ballerina is coming out and I'm so excited.


How did Chris Evans get cast as Captain America?


They wanted me to come in and read

and I was a little apprehensive.

It was a back and forth.

It was a little bit of a dance.

It was something I was really nervous about doing

and luckily they were really good people

in my corner who kept nudging me.

Kevin Feige and Robert

and a lot of great people kind of talked me into it

and best decision in my life.

I had to sneeze that whole answer and it never came.

So, I'm sorry if it seemed like my head was somewhere else.

You wanna sneeze now?

No, it's gone now.

How did Chris Evans and Scarlet Johansson meet?

Meet? We met on the set of Perfect Score.

We were both really young, you know,

I think after that movie she went off

to do Lost in Translation

and her whole world changed.

But yeah, we've known each other a really long time

and she's one of my dearest friends.

We've done how many films?

I mean all the Marvel movies.

We've done eight movies together?

This, I'm not liking this.

[Chris laughs]


We're racking 'em up, though.

We're getting there.

What are we trying to say here?

We're getting there.

Okay. I still have--

Five to go. Few more to go.

How tall is Chris Evans? How tall is Chris Evans--

Oh, keep going.

Really. [laughing]

Like, really, really.

But, really. Be honest.

Six feet. 6'1 with the right shoes.

It can't be.

Six feet, yeah.

You're taller than that.

Thank you.

But really?

Yeah. Really?

Aah. [sign thuds]


What is Ana de Armas real name?

My name is, and it has no explanation,

Ana Celia de Armas.

Sounded great to me.

What is Ana de Armas in Blade Runner?

I played Joi,

and she was a beautiful hologram from the future.

What was Ana de Armas--

What was Ana de Armas first movie?

I just told you this.

Oh, it was a good name and it sounded great.

What was it?

It was Una Rosa de Francia.

It was a co-production with Cuba and Spain.

That was my first film.

Sounds a lot better than Not Another Teen Movie.

What Car [laughs] does Ana de Armas drive?

A Land Rover.

Because I need it.

I live in complicated areas, so I needed something strong.

That can handle it.

That would take me through anything.

What color eyes does Ana de Armas have?

Guess, guess.

They're Hazel, right?

No. They're like yellow.


Yellow is not the same as Hazel.

Yellow green.

Oh, yeah. Okay.

They look great.

What is Chris Evans?

What is Chris Evans up to? What are you up to?

I mean, this [beep]

Okay. What is Chris Evans job?


Next one.

We can do better.

What was your job a year ago?

Well, yeah,

I was working on a movie Ghosted

and that you should all go see.

That's my job.

Ghosted. Yeah.

He is a creep.

What is-- [chuckles]

What is Chris Evans sweater?

Sweater? Sweater?


In Knives Out?

Well, I assume,

but I can't even like wrap my head around the question.

It's like a Jeopardy.

What brand?

What is Chris Evans's sweater?

That's literally what that feels like.

Next one.

What is Chris Evans--

Dog breed? Dog breed.

I did that little swab once

and he came back Boxer, Pit, Lab, Pomeranian.


Good for the Pomeranian. But what is--

Can you have one word for it?

What breed is it?

He's a mutt.

Okay. He's a mut.

What is Chris Evans What is Chris Evans

favorite football team?

It's a no-brainer.


All right.

Why is Ana de Armas? Why?

Not in Knives Out 2 Not in Knives Out 2.

I really don't know.

It's a damn good question.

I want Rian Johnson to tell me

why I'm not in Knives Out 2. Explain it, Rian.

Why did Ana de Armas leave--

Do you know what that is?

I don't. El Internado?

What is that?

This is a TV show

that I did in Spain when I moved there--

Why did you leave it?

I started this show when I was like 19

and I was playing a school student for three years

and I just felt like, oh, it's time to move on.

I'm not really doing much more here.

I've done everything I had to do, so it's time to go.

And I asked them to kill me and they did.


Why Ana de Armas is so beautiful?

Explain yourself.


Well, you heard the question.

Explain it. It's my hazel eyes.

The Hazel yellow.

Yeah, it's the hazel, the frijoles.

That's it. [Ana laughs]

Yay. [sign thuds]

Can Chris-- And can Chris.

Can Chris Evans skateboard? Skateboard?

I had to skateboard for Scott Pilgrim

and you know, I got okay at it, I guess,

but you know, I can stay on it.

I can stay on it.

I can snowboard really well.

That's like my favorite thing to do in the world.

Can Chris Evans do flips?

Yeah. Yeah, we grew up with a trampoline,

but I grew up in the world where the trampolines

didn't have those nets.

You know what I mean?

I see like, come on, you gotta get bounce off this thing

and break a bone at least once in your childhood.

Can Chris Evans speak another language?

I can fake it.

I can get by if I, you know, listen hard enough.

If someone's speaking Spanish,

I pick up every like third word.


You know, that's not true.


I always know the beginning you're like

[speaking in foreign language]

I'm like, I think that,

and then that's all I got.

[speaking in foreign language]

I'm like, I feel that, that's it.

You're doing great. Yep.

Can Chris Evans draw? Can Chris Evans draw?

I can, but there's some horrible thing online.

I had to do some thing on press for Marvel,

where I was on stage

and had to draw something really quickly

in front of like 5,000 people,

and I drew this shield and first circle was--

It's like I drew it blindfolded with my left hand.

So, then I had to follow that and then I flipped my thing.

It looks like a monkey drew it

but I actually can kind of draw.

Don't let that-- Just not that day.

Just not that day.

Not under pressure.

[sign thuds]

Is Ana de Armas left-handed?

No, I'm not left-handed.

I'm right-handed, but I was told when I was little

I used to like do more like left-hand stuff.

For some reason my parents just got me used

to the right hand.

I think that's it.

Wow. That's just wrong.

Is Ana de Armas the new Wonder Woman?

Well I feel like Gal Gadot is doing a great job,

so, you know,

I think she should keep doing that.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Is Ana de Armas

in a Diamond commercial? Diamond commercial?

You are. I have been.

Yeah. Yeah.

I've been in a couple of Diamond commercials.

I was doing this campaign for Diamonds for a little bit,

but not anymore.

Is Ana de Armas

nominated for an Oscar? Nominated for an Oscar?

She is. Yes, I was.

A few weeks ago, I was nominated for an Oscar

and it was pretty incredible and very special,

especially because I loved the project.

Blonde was a very unique movie and role for me

and it was wonderful to be recognized for that.

I was nominated for a Kid's Choice award.


Thank you Wired for having us.

Go see Ghosted.

On Apple Plus.

Did I say what?

You nailed it.

On Apple-- Apple TV plus.

[upbeat closing music]

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