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KAROL G Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions

KAROL G takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about herself. Why did KAROL G start singing? Is her hair color real? Where is she from in Colombia? Who does her nails? KAROL G answers all these questions and much more! Director: Katherine Wzorek Director of Photography: Cole Evelev Editor: Louville Moore Talent: Karol G Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi Associate Producer: Samantha Vélez Production Manager: Eric Martinez Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila Talent Booker: Tara Burke Camera Operator: Christopher Alfonso Audio: Brett Van Deusen Gaffer: Gautam Kadian Production Assistant: Patrick Sargent Translator: Lisandro Perez-Rey Post Production Supervisor: Alexa Deutsch Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen Assistant Editor: Ben Harowitz

Released on 02/22/2023


Hi everybody, this is Karol G

and this is my WIRED Autocomplete Interview.


Oh mami, that's a good question.


What's Karol G real name?

My real name is Carolina with C. Carolina.

When I was at school I used to really love G-Unit.

I don't know if everybody here remember them,

and I was like super obsessed with all of them,

so my friends used to call me Carolina G.

Like when I started doing music,

I had this Carol G name,

but then I just change it with K,

so that's why I'm Karol G.

What was Karol G first song?

Oh I'd have to say, the first really big song

that I have by myself was Amor de Dos with Nicky Jam.

Yeah, it was a big, big song.

Was a big one.

Where is Karol G from in Colombia?

I am from Medellín, Colombia.

I love my city and always when I have the opportunity

to tell the people, to invite people to come to our country,

so I'm gonna invite you everybody to go

and visit us in Colombia because we have beautiful places,

we have beautiful people

and we have the most delicious food

in the complete, entire world.

What awards has Karol G won?

I have Billboard, Latin Billboard, American Billboard.

I have Grammys, Latin Grammys, I have a Latin Grammy.

Latin American Music Awards.

American Music Awards. MTV.

There are, like, a few more,

but I don't remember them right now.

Does Karol G like Bad Bunny?

Yeah. I really love Bad Bunny's music

and I love Bonito's Soul.

Does Karol G write her own music?

I really write my songs

but I'm super open to write music

with different songwriters,

and if somebody brings a song that I get identified with

for sure I'm gonna sing it.

So in my albums, you're gonna find music

that I wrote by myself,

music that I wrote with different people

that I like to work with.

I think I have one or two songs that somebody

like did it and I get really in love with.

So yeah, a little bit of everything in my album.

Does Karol G sing in English?

Okay. I don't know if I sing in perfect English

but yes I have songs in English.

I think my last one was Don't Be Shy with Tiësto.

That one was a good one.

They gave me the opportunity to do that one in Spanish

but I really wanted to do it in English

because I really wanna put myself out of my zone

and see what people were going to think about it.

Does Karol G have tattoos?

I think I have nine tattoos, or 12 now.

I really need to count them.

But yes, I love tattoos and I think like my body

is kind of like a diary where I just like to write

and draw things that were special for me

and that means lot to me.

So I love tattoos.

Does Karol G have siblings?

Yes, I have. I have two sisters.

I'm the youngest of three girls,

and I'm gonna be an aunt soon.

For sure I'm gonna be the best, coolest aunt in the world.

Is Karol G blue hair real?

Yes. All my hairs were real.

I really like to dye my real hair.

Is Karol G Becky G?

Oh my god.

No I'm Karol G.

There is a Karol G and there is a Becky G,

She is Rebbeca Gomez so I think that's why

her name is Becky G and my name goes with my last name too.

I am Carolina Giraldo.

We already have a song together.

The name is Mommy and I think it was

like the biggest hits in Latin American music last year,

and it's a song that I really love to perform on live

because people get crazy

and they get really loud with that one.

So Becky, I love you mami.

Is Karol G in Puss in Boots?

Yes I am!


No, I'm not a character in the movie

but I have the honor to do the song.

I really put like my soul in the lyrics of the the song

because I really wanted to have the special connections.

Was Karol G in La Reina Del Flow?

Yes, I was.

Oh my God.

Whoever did this is amazing.

Yeah, I was in La Reina Del Flow.

I think four years ago.

La Reina Del Flow is a series,

like a special series that I think is on Netflix.

A lot of people from different parts of the world

that got very connected to the series

and when I did it, I was thinking I was doing something

for my country but then it went global

and people around the world when I traveled they say, Ah

I saw you in La Reina Del Flow.

So yeah, a good thing.

Will Karol G crocs restock?

I would love to. Yeah, a special edition that we did

for Valentines Day last year and no it's not coming back,

but I can say that maybe I can have

more surprises for you in the future.

Is Karol G dropping a new album?

Yes I am.

The name of the album is Mañana Será Bonito.

In English, it's Tomorrow is Gonna Be Beautiful.

To be that open in that album

with the lyrics and with my personal life was hard.

So I really want you to understand what the meaning is,

and to feel the vibe,

and to feel the music and to get identified

with some of the words that are in the lyrics.

Why did Karol G start singing?

I have like a first video singing in front of all my family.

When I was two years old.

With my father, he was very supportive with me

since the beginning.

He had a band with his friends and he used to play songs

with girls and I will do like the girl voice.

So I think after just doing that with my father,

I realized that that was something

that I really wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Why did Karol G write PROVENZA?

Oh this is a good one.

The meaning of PROVENZA was a little bit misunderstood.

It's when after a lot of things, you go away from yourself

and then you're just coming back and say, Hey baby.

[speaking Spanish]

Why is Karol G song called Pineapple?

The name of the song is Pineapple

and I never mentioned a pineapple in the song.

I was learning English at the time

and I had a like a particular dream

that I was counting pineapples. Yeah, that's it.

Who does Karol G nails?

Her name is Evette.

She is from Miami.

I love her doing my nails because these are my natural,

and sometimes I put them like acrylic and everything,

but she keeps them healthy.

I love her and she travels everywhere I go.


I love you.

How long Karol G concert is?

Oh, I think two hours 15 minutes, something like that.

What to wear Karol G concert?

Oh mami, that's a good question.

What to wear in Karol G concert?

[speaking Spanish]

My girls, they really go like super mamacita,

super pretty, super sexy to my concert.

Like clothes with crystals and leather

and they use their red wigs or blue wigs.

You just have to wear whatever you feel comfortable.

For sure, you have to feel like you're a bichota.

Good sneakers because we're gonna jump a lot

and dance a lot.

Mami, I don't know.

You have to go like really mamcita, I know you are.

So whatever you want to wear is good.

What is Karol G Bichota about?

Bichota means just empower, being powerful,

being proud of yourself, self-confidence,

feeling mamcita no matter what, and be yourself.

That's Bichota about.

So I already finished my questions in English.

[speaking Spanish]

Donde grabaron PROVENZA Karol G?

[speaking Spanish]

Quien escribio gatubela Karol G?

[speaking Spanish]

Donde esta Karol G en este memento?

[speaking Spanish]


[speaking Spanish]

Cuando Karol G se pinto el cabello de azul?

[speaking Spanish]

Cuando Karol G era pequeña?

[speaking Spanish]

Como dijo Karol G frases?

[speaking Spanish]


[electronic music]

I am really surprised about the questions you do about me.

I hope that I answer them the way you expected.

I hope you enjoy it.

I hope you like it.

Thank you so much for the love.

[electronic music]

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