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Paul Rudd & Jonathan Majors Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions

'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania' stars Paul Rudd and Jonathan Majors take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. How did Paul Rudd become Ant-Man? How did Jonathan Major prepare for Creed III? Why is Paul a Kansas City Chiefs fan? Can Jonathan sing? Paul and Jonathan answer all these questions and much more! 'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania' is in theaters now. Director: Joe Pickard Director of Photography: Matt Krueger Editor: Matt Colby Talent: Paul Rudd, Jonathan Majors Producer: Katherine Wzorek Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi Associate Producers: Brandon White, Paul Gulyas Production Manager: Peter Brunette Talent Booker: Lauren Mendoza Camera Operator: Lucas Vilicich Audio: Cassiano Pereira Production Assistants: Ariel Labasan, John Brodsky Post Production Supervisor: Alexa Deutsch Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen Assistant Editor: Billy Ward

Released on 02/17/2023


Hello, I'm Don Lemon.

And I'm Anderson Cooper.

And you're watching.

The Wired.

Something or other.


[upbeat music]

I've only ever seen all of Jonathan's work

and all of The Wired things that we're doing.

We've seen 'em all.

So we're really, we're primed for this.

[upbeat music]

How did Paul Rudd become Ant-Man?

So, who answers this?

Which one am I looking in?

He walked us through it.

That camera. I know, he did.

But then there was something,

this one over here.

How did Paul Rudd become Ant-Man?

With a very solid understanding

of which camera to look into?

[Jonathan laughs]

Does Paul Rudd actually like Rush?

I actually do like Rush.

I did a movie called I Love You, Man.

In the movie, my character, Peter Klaven, loves Rush

and Jason Segel's character loves Rush.

And we both really do like Rush,

and Rush came and filmed a day on our film.

Filmed a day on our film.

They filmed a day on our film.

You got, it was a rush.

It was a total rush.

It was amazing.

Well done, sir.

I'm here for you.

When did Paul Rudd start acting?

Great question.

Great question Really great.

Really great.


When he was a boy.

Back when I was a boy selling pickles on Orchard Street.

Everyone was in New York.

Everything was happening.

We were all, we were just living stacked

on top of each other.

I knew back then that I wanted to be an ant.

When does Paul Rudd come on Parks and Rec?

Oh, I think it was in season four

that I was on Parks and Rec and what a blast.

The first episode that I was on,

well, I, yeah, I mean,

I don't remember the name of the episode.

No, no, he doesn't.

Moving on. I remember

the name of the episode.

But of course, Bobby Newport, you know, Sweetums.

Who are Paul Rudd's friends in the real life?

Well, let me take this one.

No, go ahead.

It's your card.

It's your card.

Jonathan Majors.

That's my friend in real life.

We're outta here.

Can I get that back please?

Who else besides Jonathan Majors

are your friends in real life?

Are my friends in real life.

I don't wanna reveal the identity

of any of my other friends.

It's quite satisfying.

Who is Jonathan Majors?


That's it.

That's the whole question.

Who is he in Ant-Man?

In Ant-Man, I play Kang The Conqueror, a time traveling,

nexus being villain.

What does that mean, a nexus being villain?

Means I'm everywhere.

Oh, great.

Where Jonathan Majors in Loki?

Now make of that question what you want.

I think it's a typo.

[Jonathan stuttering]

Where Jonathan Majors in Loki?

In Loki, where Jonathan Majors?

[Paul Voiceover] Where Jonathan Majors in Loki?

Where Jonathan Majors?

Where Jonathan Majors in Loki?

This is a he remains question, I'm assuming.

I am at the end of time there.

There's a bit of a citadel that I dwell in.

All right, here we go.

How did Jonathan Majors [Jonathan drumming]

train for Creed III?

Oh, Creed III is a boxing picture

and lots of boxing.

Road work is probably the most intense part of boxing.

That's the pushups, the running, the jump ropes, bag work.

I probably trained for Creed for eight,

probably eight to nine months.

I believe it.

Cooking with gas.

We're cooking with gas now.

Here we go.

All right, here we go.

[Jonathan] Here we go.

Jonathan Majors Devotion?

Which is a beautiful movie

about a young man named Ensign Jesse Leroy Brown.

Was the first Black naval aviator

and a American hero and a hero of mine.

Great picture.

Hold on just a second.

Why was Paul Rudd voted sexiest man?

There was an error in tabulation.

It's quite obvious, isn't it?

Why is Paul Rudd a Chiefs fan?

I'm a Chiefs fan because I grew up in Kansas City,

and so. That's enough for me.

Why was Paul Rudd not in The Office?

Couldn't afford him.

[Paul laughing]

Oh, why did Paul Rudd.

Hardly, I wish.

Eat cauliflower.

Oh, was it for Hot Ones?

In Hot Ones I didn't eat the chicken wings,

I ate cauliflower because I wanna support vegetarian.

I think it's, you know, I think it's a cool thing.

Plus sometimes I get a little weirded out

with chicken wings.

Why Paul Rudd calling Thor's Hammer Jonathan?

Why Paul Rudd calling Thor's,

who writes these?

You don't like conjunctions, do you?

Why not?

Why not?

Oh, here we go, speed round.

What is Jonathan Major's favorite movie?

Oh, God, want to be fast.

[Jonathan laughing]

Homeward Bound.


What is Jonathan Major's workout routine?


What is Jonathan Major's zodiac sign?


Capricorn rising.

Sorry, Sagittarius rising.

Capricorn waning.

I knew it. You could feel it.

What does Jonathan Majors eat?

Gasoline and rocks.

Food, food.

You gotta eat it.



We're rolling.

Okay. Oh man, look at this.

Does Paul Rudd have two different colored eyes?

That's how mystical you are.

Like Bowie.

I don't have two different colored eyes.

My eyes are both the same color,

but they do change colors, which is weird.

They always have.

Did Paul Rudd work at Baskin Robbins?

Not in real life, no, I didn't.

I only ever did.

You didn't commit?

You didn't take the job.

I wasn't hired.

I see, couldn't afford you.

That's the thing.

Does Paul Rudd like One Direction?

One Direction.

You know what, I do.

They're nice boys.

I hosted SNL and One Direction was the band.

And they were just charming guys.

I don't know what happened to any of 'em

but I sure liked them when I met them.

Did Paul Rudd sing in Veronica Mars?

I did.

I did sing in Veronica Mars.

I played a guy named Desmond Fellows.

That show was created by buddies of mine,

and we all kind of worked,

created the show Party Down together.

We've been friends for a long time,

and I had a great time working as Desmond

on Veronica Mars, and I did get to sing.


Does Paul Rudd get royalties from Friends?

I don't believe that I do.

Is that any of their business?

That's like financial personal information.

I don't think, I don't think I did.

I don't think that.

You won't after this, I'll tell you that much.

Do you know that there was a bar in Los Angeles.

It used to be that if you got a check for under,

a residual check for something you did,

and it was under a dollar,

you could take to this bar called Residuals

and they'd give you a beer

and they'd take your check and pin it on the wall.

And I used to go in this bar, it was all filled.

Everything with just checks for a penny

and sad Actors.

It was a really smart business plan, I think.

Because you're gonna buy more beers.

Are you now partners in this?

I own Residuals.

All right.

Here we go.

Vroom, vroom, vroom.

Does Jonathan Majors-- No!

Does Jonathan Major sing?

Oh, yes.

I know he does.

Did Jonathan Majors go to Yale?


Yes, he did, you smarty pants.

Did Jonathan Majors do his own stunts?


Does Jonathan? Yes!

He does dance.

What don't you do?

[hands smack]

Final round.

Final round.

Where is Paul Rudd's candy store?

It's in Rhinebeck, New York.

It's called Samuel's Sweet Shop.

I own it with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hillarie Burton

and my wife and a guy named Andy Ostroy.

What movie does Paul Rudd...

[Paul] Order Starbucks?

[Jonathan] Order Starbucks?

In the movie Role Models,

I go into Starbucks and I order a large black coffee.

And that's right outta my life.

Was Paul Rudd...

A Sigma Nu?

I was.

I went to University of Kansas for about

oh, God, a couple years.

Do you have steps?


Like you, do you have any steps you could do?

Oh, I don't know.

I never learned them.

I got out of there pretty soon.

I don't remember the steps.

I don't know, I mean steps.

Okay, cool.

Is Paul Rudd in Only Murders in the Building?

I am doing a little bit on that show

Only Murders in the Building.

And it is...

Little more than a cameo,

little less than a cameo?

We need to know.

Little more.

No, it's a little more than a cameo.

Little more than residuals,

little less than residuals?

Hey, hey.


It's nobody's business.

Yeah, let's just say I'm not gonna be able

to go in and get a free beer.

Well, that's good.

That is good.

That's why you own a candy shop.

Can Paul Rudd?

Oh, hey Paul, can you do close up magic?

That something you're capable of doing?

Wait, what is that in your ear?

Oh my God!

The answer is yes.

[upbeat music]

You should Google,

What movies will Paul and Johnathan Majors do next?

Maybe Homeward Bound 2.

There's already been a Homeward Bound 2.

There's Homeward Bound

There's Homeward Bound: Lost in San Francisco.

Come on, man.

Who do you wanna be, Sassy?

I'll be Paul Simon.

And you could be Art Garfunkel.

I'd probably be Chance, and you'd be Shadow.

Oh, I think we're talking

about the different Homeward Bounds.


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