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Break It Down

Supercharge Your ChatGPT Prompts With Auto-GPT

The new tool basically transforms ChatGPT into a virtual assistant to help you manage projects, run a marketing campaign, and more.

To Save Downtowns, Destroy Them

I Finally Bought a ChatGPT Plus Subscription—and It’s Worth It

OpenAI’s new web browsing beta convinced me to upgrade my account. Here’s how to access it and make the most of the paid tier.

ChatGPT Now Has an iPhone App 

Six months after OpenAI’s silver-tongued chatbot launched on the web and set off an AI arms race, you can put it in your pocket. 

Politicians Need to Learn How AI Works—Fast

Tech regulation has often disappointed. Automation expert Missy Cummings hopes a course to teach policymakers about artificial intelligence can help.

Spooked by ChatGPT, US Lawmakers Want to Create an AI Regulator

At a congressional hearing, senators from both parties and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said a new federal agency was needed to protect people from AI gone bad.

A New Lawsuit Puts the Online White Supremacy Pipeline on Trial

The families of victims of a mass shooting in Buffalo are challenging the platforms they believe led the attacker to carry out a racist massacre.

Twitter’s New CEO, Linda Yaccarino, Has a Fearsome To-Do List

She previously worked to convince brands to shun online ads and instead buy TV spots. Now she must do the reverse—while also handling Elon Musk.

Europe’s Moral Crusader Lays Down the Law on Encryption

Ylva Johansson is on a personal mission to make the internet safer for children. Her opponents say her plans would wreck online privacy.

Twitter Encrypted DMs Are Deeply Inferior to Signal and WhatsApp

The social network’s new privacy feature is technically flawed, opt-in, and limited in its functionality. All this for just $8 a month.

France Is Fighting to Save Your iPhone From an Early Death

With iPhones getting harder and more expensive to repair, French prosecutors have launched an investigation into the scourge of planned obsolescence.

This Is Catfishing on an Industrial Scale

Hired as customer service reps, these freelancers were instead tasked with luring in the lonely and lovestruck through a network of dating and hookup sites.

You’re Probably Underestimating AI Chatbots

Just as the first iPhone reviews mostly missed the device’s huge potential, it’s folly to draw conclusions from today’s unrefined technology.

Gary Marcus Used to Call AI Stupid—Now He Calls It Dangerous

The former professor's calls for more control over AI have made him a media darling of the ChatGPT era. Some top researchers aren't impressed.

Autonomous Worlds Aim to Free Online Games From Corporate Control

Multiplayer titles like Minecraft encourage creativity, but prototype games built on the blockchain claim to give players more meaningful independence.

FTX-ed Crypto Investors Are Moving Back to Hardware Wallets

The collapse of the exchange has pushed users back to “self-custody” products like Ledger. But those can be risky too.

An SEC Dissenter Says the Regulator Must Ease Off Crypto

The Securities and Exchange Commission has taken a hard line on digital assets. One of its own commissioners says it’s going too far.

China’s Metaverse Is All About Work

The government wants the metaverse to be less about having fun and shopping and more about health care and industry.

This European Satellite Giant Is Coming for Starlink

To compete with American rivals, Eutelsat’s Eva Berneke first has to navigate Russia’s war in Ukraine, Brexit politics, and jamming attacks by Iran.

Brazil Proposed Internet Regulation. Big Tech Dug In Its Heels

Lawmakers want to make online platforms more responsible for hate speech and misinformation. Google, Meta, and others are fighting back.

Reddit’s CEO Says Regulating Social Media Is Tyranny

Steve Huffman kicked Nazis and other trolls off the platform. He also argues that any government oversight of online content is authoritarian.

WhatsApp Has Started a Fight With the UK About Encryption

The head of the messaging app says a new law will undermine privacy. The government says it’s about protecting children.

You Can Now Claim a .Dad Domain for Your Site. Cue the Dad Jokes

Google’s new dedicated domain lets you join the growing sites dedicated to puns, pets, and mowing the lawn.

Microsoft’s New Campus Drove Up Home Prices. Where Are the Jobs?

The tech giant’s project in Atlanta is on an "indefinite pause," leaving locals with the inflated prices but none of the jobs and investment.

The Unbelievable Zombie Comeback of Analog Computing

Computers have been digital for half a century. Why would anyone want to resurrect the clunkers of yesteryear?

These Angry Dutch Farmers Really Hate Microsoft

Tech giants want to build massive, “hyperscale” data centers in the Netherlands. A popular political movement wants them stopped.

Pete Buttigieg Loves God, Beer, and His Electric Mustang

Sure, the US secretary of transportation has thoughts on building bridges. But infrastructure occupies just a sliver of his voluminous mind.

Truckers Are Caught on the Front Line of California’s EV Push

By 2024, trucks bought for use in the state’s ports and rail yards must be zero-emission. The struggle to electrify previews what must happen worldwide.

Self-Driving Cars Are Being Put on a Data Diet

Growing fleets, fancier sensors, and tighter budgets are forcing autonomous vehicle developers to get pickier about what stays on their servers.

Tesla’s Magnet Mystery Shows Elon Musk Is Willing to Compromise

The EV maker said it will expunge rare earths from its vehicles' motors, suggesting Tesla engineers will have to get creative.


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