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Phish Food

The Real Risks in Google’s New .Zip and .Mov Domains

While the company’s new top-level domains could be used in phishing attacks, security researchers are divided on how big of a problem they really pose.

A Mysterious Group Has Ties to 15 Years of Ukraine-Russia Hacks

Kaspersky researchers have uncovered clues that further illuminate the hackers’ activities, which appear to have begun far earlier than originally believed.

ChatGPT Scams Are Infiltrating the App Store and Google Play

An explosion of interest in OpenAI’s sophisticated chatbot means a proliferation of “fleeceware” apps that trick users with sneaky in-app subscriptions.

Toyota Leaked Vehicle Data of 2 Million Customers

The FBI disables notorious Russia-linked malware, the EU edges toward a facial recognition ban, and security firm Dragos has an intrusion of its own.

A Republican-Led Lawsuit Threatens Critical US Cyber Protections

Three states are suing to block security rules for water facilities. If they win, it may open the floodgates for challenges to other cyber rules.

The Post Office Is Spying on the Mail. Senators Want to Stop It

The USPS carries out warrantless surveillance on thousands of parcels every year. Lawmakers want it to end—right now.

The True Cost of a Free TV

Telly TV tracks you and bombards you with ads on a dedicated second screen. It could help normalize smartphone-style surveillance in your living room.

How to Boost WhatsApp’s Privacy and Better Protect Your Data

The Meta-owned app offers end-to-end encryption of texts, images, and more by default—but its settings aren't as private as they could be.

The UK’s Secretive Web Surveillance Program Is Ramping Up

A government effort to collect people’s internet records is moving beyond its test phase, but many details remain hidden from public view.

Google May Delete Your Old Accounts. Here’s How to Stop It

Your inactive profiles, like Gmail or Docs, could turn into digital dust later this year. A few clicks can save them.

How to Use Google Authenticator

The two-factor authentication tool got some serious upgrades that can help you bolster security for your online accounts.

How ChatGPT—and Bots Like It—Can Spread Malware

Generative AI is a tool, which means it can be used by cybercriminals, too. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Are You Being Tracked by an AirTag? Here’s How to Check

If you’re worried that one of Apple’s trackers is following you without consent, try these tips.

How You, or Anyone, Can Dodge Montana’s TikTok Ban

Montana’s TikTok ban will be impossible to enforce. But it could encourage copycat crackdowns against the social media app.

A New Lawsuit Puts the Online White Supremacy Pipeline on Trial

The families of victims of a mass shooting in Buffalo are challenging the platforms they believe led the attacker to carry out a racist massacre.

A Mysterious New Hacker Group Is Lurking in Ukraine’s Cyberspace

The unidentified attackers have targeted people on both sides of Russia’s war against Ukraine, carrying out espionage operations that suggest state funding.

Data Broker That Targeted Abortion Clinics Gets Military Contract

Documents obtained by WIRED show SafeGraph, which sold location data related to Planned Parenthood visits, is now pursuing contracts with the US Air Force.